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The following scans depict the brain at about the space between your ears.
Brain Scan of a healthy old man

A brain scan of a patient that is 77 years old shows some signs of aging.

This person can think as well as when 45 years old.

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The brain-scan of a 77 year old person with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. This person has lost all memory and is helpless.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Brain scan of Alzheimer's Disease Brain

Scans from Sperling ADCS 2012 meeting Austin.  TX in summary by Ryan NIA-Web site.

The good news:
Late onset Alzheimer’s Disease can be prevented!

If you are reading and understanding these messages, you can, by your own activities, significantly decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease (Alz).

Caring for the demented
For those supposedly at high risk, there are no quick fixes, no magic medicines, no vaccines, and no medical intervention that will prevent the development of Alz. Unfortunately, once the disease has progressed substantially, there is no known way to stop the sustained progression of the disease. There are some medicines and behavioral practices that provide some temporary relief from some symptoms of the disease, but they do not halt the progression of the disease.
How Alz Changes the Brain
During its early stages, Alz develops slowly and that allows an opportunity for you to do activities that can reduce known risks and prevents Alz.
By your own behavior (yes, your behavior) you can prevent the early development of Alz. If you prevent the early development of Alz, you prevent Alz.
Research indicates you should attend to preventing Alz while you still have the capacity to do so; that is, before it is too late.
Older man with a healthy brain

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Project was created to help those committed to doing activities preventing Alz. The preventive activities are not very difficult to engage, but they do take some daily attention and effort. 

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