About Us

Our mission is simple: To promote activities supporting healthy brains throughout life.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Project consists of faculty and students at a science and technology focused university, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Also, we are a small business, Hexagon 18 Cherry Lane, LLC. Larry D. Reid, Ph.D., is the sole proprietor of that business. The business has funded the start of the Project.
The Project has benefited from the work and intelligence of a large number of volunteers, mostly students at RPI, who have interacted with Faculty, i.e., Professors Reid, Alicia A. Walf, Ph.D. and Richard Plotka, Ph.D.
We began the Project based on our understanding of the science associated with Alzheimer’s disease (Alz). We believe the only viable way of reducing the prevalence of Alz is to prevent the conditions initiating and sustaining the early development of the disease. Fortunately, the science on Alz and aging supports the conclusion that there are activities that can be engaged that will prevent, or significantly slow, the disease from progressing from its early beginnings. The goal of the Project is to prevent early harbingers of the disease from becoming devastating.
The business does not have the resources to sustain a nation-wide attempt to recruit a large number of citizens to its website and then provide the necessary information, advice and opportunities to actually have an impact on the prevalence of Alz. Nevertheless, the Project has the goal of doing just that: greatly reducing the prevalence of Alz, one citizen at a time. The only means available for doing that is to engage the multiple resources that abound in our complex, commercial culture. Some very useful resources are embodied in the Federal Government (e.g., the National Institute on Aging) and successful businesses. We wish to bring to bear any useful resource in the service of preventing Alz and that means interacting with profit-making companies.
To make the project affordable for all, we shall keep the cost of engaging the full services of our website to a minimum. Nevertheless, it does take considerable amounts of money to sustain a complex website and provide continuing updates to the website. Some of our advice will be to buy services and products that you may need to accomplish the goal of reducing your risk of developing Alz as you age. We can make some money by being salespersons for some of these companies and hopefully that money will sustain the Project for many years as we work toward preventing Alz.
We will not sell your information to others. We will do all we can to protect your privacy and guard against any malfeasance that might threaten our goal of preventing Alz.
To summarize “about us,” we are a small group dedicated to reducing the prevalence of Alz by getting individuals to engage activities reducing their risk of developing the disease. We ask for you cooperation and involvement with our goals. Return to Home