Our mission: Promote activities supporting healthy brains throughout life.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Project consists of faculty and students at a science and technology focused university, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Also, we are a very small business, Larry D. Reid, Ph.D. is the sole proprietor. The business (Hexagon 18 Cherry Lane LLC, 18 Cherry Lane Troy, NY 12180) has funded the Project’s start-up. The Project has benefited from the work and intelligence of a large number of students, who have interacted with Faculty members, Professors Reid, Alicia A. Walf, Ph.D. and Richard Plotka, Ph.D.

We began the Project based on our understanding of the science on Alzheimer’s disease (Alz). Currently, the only way of reducing the prevalence of Alz is to prevent conditions that initiate and sustain the early development of Alz. Fortunately, research supports the idea that there are activities that can prevent Alz from progressing from its early beginnings, hence prevent the disease from becoming devastating.

The business does not have the resources to sustain a nation-wide attempt to recruit large numbers of citizens to the website and then provide the necessary information, advice and opportunities to have an impact on the prevalence of Alz. However, we can make progress toward that goal by engaging the multiple resources of our complex, commercial culture. Some useful resources are embodied in the Federal Government (e.g., the National Institute on Aging) and within profit-making companies. We will advise you to buy certain products that may be useful as you do activities preventing disease.

We will not ask you to pay for our information and advice. We will not ask you to join an organization and provide dues. We will, however, urge you to buy selected services and products, some of which are critical to reducing a specific risk. Hopefully, some profit generated by that commercial activity will sustain the Project, year after year, as we work toward preventing Alz.

We will not sell your information to others. We will do all we can to protect your privacy. We will only urge you to buy products or services that are worth the money.

To summarize, we are a small group dedicated to reducing the prevalence of Alz by helping older citizens to engage in activities reducing their risk of developing Alz.

We ask for your involvement with our mission.