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We are not substitutes for your personal physicians (in all of their various specialties), or your therapists of all kinds (e.g. psychologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, etc.). We are more in the role of coaches and teachers, providing information that is useful to you. We assume no responsibility for your actions. It is you that is making choices, not us. We are merely providing information, an activity not much different than a modern newspaper. We will, however, use the modern technology that is available to encourage you to do the activities that will reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (Alz). We will, on occasion, suggest you buy a product, only products that we think might be helpful to you as you do activities that can (but not surely) reduce the risk of Alz. Here is legalese that formulates this general idea.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Project is a self-help program for the elderly who have concerns about developing Alzheimer’s Disease (Alz). A physician should always be consulted about any issues related to cognitive decline (particularly an abrupt decline) or any other medical concern in order to determine the appropriateness of participating in The Alzheimer’s Prevention Project.

The content, evaluations, and advice are not, and should not be treated as a substitute for medical evaluation, diagnosis, care or treatment. We recommend you always seek the advice of a physician, or other health care professional, for any health-related matter. We firmly believe you should not disregard medical advice and should carefully consider the consequence of any advice, including ours. Hexagon 18 Cherry Lane LLC and its owners, partners, employees, and affiliates will in no way be liable for, and you waive any claim for, any personal injury, damage, and/or liability arising out of your use of or reliance on our program. You waive any claim of personal injury and waive any claim of any potential liability (the site causing any problems) from interacting with our site by signing into our site and by providing your legal name and/or an e-mail address.  On the other hand, you have all rights to quit the site, not engage any activity we recommend, and are only obligated to pay for products you might buy, just as you would if interacting with any business. We do not ask you to sign any enduring contract. To keep this simple: You are responsible for your behavior. And, by taking full charge of your behavior, we believe that you can reduce the risk of Alz; reduce the risk, not completely reduce the risk.

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Our intent is to have you informed about what we ask of you as you proceed though the website. That is formalized by having you sign consent forms. The following is the 1st form.

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The First Consent Form


I have been adequately informed about the nature of this website and its goals to feel comfortable providing my first and last name, my e-mail address, my age and my sex to the site. Further, I consent for that information to be used to identify me as I sign into the website (my e-mail address and my personal password) and my first name to be used to address me as you provide information to only me. I answer the following questions and then sign my name.

I have been adequately informed to provide my first personal information to the site. Yes No

I consent to have my name, address, age and sex to be given to the website.  Yes No

I check the following box to certify my signing this document.

The mechanics of the site must make it clear that participants cannot proceed to engage the balance of the site unless the two boxes for yes have been checked as well as the box to signify signature.

Thank you for your consent to start a mission we take together. Yes, it is similar to mission, a pilgrimage taken along a rather long route to the truly beneficent circumstance of aging without developing Alzheimer’s disease. Like pilgrims of old traveling a rugged path, you may stubble and get tired, but we are confident you will press on to do what is necessary to reduce your risk of developing Alz. We know you will persist because you know that Alz is terrible and you now know that, by our own behavior, can significantly
reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s desease.