Welcome to our Helpful Products. Think of this segment of the site as a specialized mall with a number of shops whose products or services are particularly relevant to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease (Alz) or products with some virtue and not harmful (in the Library, there is an article on Our Commercial Culture and Health). When you click on a product within each category (store), you will most likely be sent to AmazonSmile with a further description of the product and the option of buying that product or similar ones. When on AmazonSmile, please choose the Alzheimers Prevention Charity as your charity. The charity will receive a small percentage (0.5%) of your cost at no cost to you (the Amazon Foundation pays).

Only a few of the products and services listed below are highly recommended for you to purchase and then only in some categories in which you have demonstrated a risk. All other products and services are merely presented with the idea that they may be useful and, probably, are not necessary to prevent Alz. However, when you do purchase a recommended product or service, we do get some money (similar to what companies pay for advertising).

We hope our limited commercial activity will produce sufficient funds to sustain the Project without help of governmental or private foundation grants. In other words, we hope your choices and your behavior will not only reduce your risk of developing Alz, but also sustain our mission to engage citizens in activities that reduce the risks of developing Alz. There is a Bookstore on this imaginary mall with a collection of articles or books relevant to Alz. The “helpful products” are relevant to what we have concluded are modifiable risks that, unless attend to, increase the chances of developing Alz.

Most of the products shown here have been tested by one or more of us. Rarely, we rely on others to review them. We often use brief descriptions of the products or services that are provided on the internet.

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Stress Relief

Indoor Air Quality