Scents for sniffing exercises

Most who have lost their good sense of smell, not due to blockade of the nasal passages, is the result of an infection. The infection is cured but an injured sense of smell remains, hence a problem.

There is a science-based solution for that problem. The solution involves doing sniffing-exercise. The exercise uses a small collection of scents. Further, it is the only solution available.

Sadly, the solution does not help everyone. Many, however, have a renewed sense of smell.

We sell scents for those exercises here (click picture to purchase).

The scents come in two forms:

  1. as 8 small candles with scented candle wax
    (not to be burned until the exercises are over),
  2. as scented candle wax in 8 small tins.
    (not candles, have no wicks).

The candle wax used is soy wax. Consequently, you avoid the toxic fumes of other kinds of candles.

The price for the 8 tins is $40.00 (This price includes postage, $3.50, handling, and applicable taxes).

The price for the 8 candles is $88.00 (This price includes postage, $8.50, handling, and applicable taxes).

The  exercise is remarkably simple and not time-consuming.

However, it must be done every morning and every evening for 2 months. Each  morning and evening exercise takes less than 2 minutes. The first month with 4 scents and a second month with 4 other scents.

The exercise:

  1. Open a container (with a number 1).  Each container emits a scent.
  2. Vigorously sniff the opening of the container 10 times even though you may not perceive the scent. The task should take only a little over a 10 seconds.
  3. Close the container and open another one.
  4. Repeat the sniffing exercise with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th scent.

Do this simple exercise for 30 days, morning and evening. Easy to do, not time-consuming. For best results must be attended to daily.

After doing the sniffing exercise with the first 4 scents, do the same exercise with the other 4 scents.  Yes, every evening and every morning for another 30 days.

Use a calendar-like page to record that you did your morning and evening exercise each day.  Feel good (reward yourself) as you note each morning and evening’s sniffing exercise.  For many, the ultimate reward is some renewed sense of smell.

A Store of Scents

These are products that one or more of our staff or volunteers have recommended. This is not part of the activities proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (Alz). Buying products this way is merely a way of you buying something for yourself while helping to prevent Alz.

We do recommend that you assess your olfactory sense rather often. It turns out that folks rather routinely gradually loose their sense of smell and do not notice the decline in ability to even not having olfactory perception.

Buying scented products, and using them daily, is a good way to continuously test your ability to perceive scents. When you first sniff the scent is when you should recognize the scent and whether it is as strong as previously.   You sense of smell quickly becomes adapted to scents that last a long time and that is normal (some call this nose blindness; recall smelling newly presented odors is what the smell-system is supposed to do).

We recommend that you continue to test your ability to perceive scents and note if that ability appears to have diminished. The first time you notice a marked reduction in ability to perceive scents is the best time to begin the sniffing exercises we recommend for those having a reduced ability to perceive scents.

It is a myth that reduced ability to perceive scents is normal and  inevitable, as one ages. Many seniors, well into the 9th decade of life, have retained their youthful ability to perceive scents.