Why buy this?

They are advertised as being soft, cool, clean and green (maybe, more environmentally safe than cotton).  We have purchased them and like them; they are superior to cotton sheets. You, of course choose size of bed, color of sheets and there is some variability of price depending on the exact bamboo product you choose to buy.

If one should chose to do a more complete remodeling of the bedroom as a way to avoid bed-phobia (anxiety-fear that has come to be associated with the stimuli of bed and bedroom as one worries about not being able to go to sleep), then you might chose to buy a new mattress.

A new mattress might provide considerable change in the feel of the bed and, therefore, change the stimuli for worrying about getting to sleep.  There is a huge market in mattress and other sleep products.  We suggest considering one brand of mattress.

Unlike many of the products we offer, we have not purchased either kind of mattress or surely have not slept on either of them for nights.  We suggest  you consider one of the popular brands.  Our suggestion is based on two factors, relative costs and their innovations.  We did, however, consult companies that rate quality of mattresses (i.e., Consumer Reports and Tuck Sleep).  It seems like the Casper Mattress has a favorable quality to price ratio.