Why buy this?

A novel way to buy a mattress is offered by Casper, a company that features a mattress in a box.  They ship their mattresses in a box and the mattress expands into a full mattress when unpacked.  Their mattresses are less expensive than many others.  They are also highly rated.

In you chose to go “all in” to change your bedroom in an effort to reduce the stimuli that has come to be associated with insomnia, you might paint the bedroom walls, buy new bedroom furniture and bedroom accessories.

We also strongly suggest that your remove TV sets from the bedroom and avoid using your other electronic devices in the bedroom such as smart phones.  We advise you to make the place where you sleep a sanctuary used solely for sleep and sensuous activities.

We surely are not going to recommend products such as which kind of paint and paint bushes to buy.  Obviously, these are hardly directly related to the prevention of Alz.  However, as you buy products such as paint and paint brushes using Amazon.com, please chose AmazonSmile and the Alzheimers Prevention Charity.  Doing so will contribute to activities designed to prevent Alz.