There are many charities, foundations, not-for-profit associations and considerable governmental support for finding a medicine to halt the full development of Alzheimer’s disease (Alz). We applaud those continued efforts even in the face of their decades’ long history of failure. On the other hand, there is limited support for encouraging activities having a very good chance of preventing the development of Alz.

Scientific evidence supports the conclusion that there are activities citizens can engage that will establish physiology preventing the development of Alz. That evidence needs to be translated into programs helping older, healthy citizens to become aware that they can, by way of their own activities, prevent the development of Alz.

This website is a program encouraging activities that will significantly reduce the chances of developing Alz.  However, like any program demanding considerable attention and work, it takes financial support to be sustained. Consequently, we established the Alzheimers Prevention Charity. Donations to that charity are generally tax-deductible. The Charity’s goals are to support programs translating into action what is already known about how to prevent Alz. Without effective preventive activities, sometime during the last decades of their lives, about half of all older citizens will likely develop what is now known to be incurable Alz.

In brief, selective preventive activities are now the only known way to accomplish a reduction in the incidences of Alz.

Please donate to the cause of preventing Alz. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated. We particularly prize small gifts, say $10, that are given automatically each month. Such will sustain programs designed to help citizens prevent Alz.