Why read the book?

The book, based in scientific research, provides the rationale for taking specific actions to reduce two prominent risks associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease (Alz). The risks are (a)  poor sleep quality and (b) the adverse side-effects of sleeping pills.

Research indicates that chronic insomnia is a risk-factor for developing Alz.  It follows, that chronic insomnia should be effectively treated.

There is strong evidence that taking certain “sleeping pills” regularly increases your chances of dying younger than you would otherwise.  Consequently, you should not use them.  There are nonpharmacological techniques that are effective in overcoming chronic insomnia and that can sustain a pattern of daily or near daily healthy sleep. The cognitive behavioral technology for treating chronic insomnia is the preferred first choice by both the medical profession and psychologists.  Fortunately, the technology is simple to engage by most citizens.

We encourage any individual to take charge of their own problems inherent to not getting a good night’s sleep.

You can, by investing your own time and by doing your own program, beat insomnia successfully and, in so doing reduce the risk of developing Alz.  Buying this book is an inexpensive way to learn how to overcome your insomnia. We encourage individuals to apply what they learn from our book to develop lifelong habits of daily, healthy, restorative sleep.

Sleep we must!  However, poor sleep need not be a fact of life.  Good, healthy sleep is achievable.