As we age there is some change in cognitive abilities and that is considered normal. We wish to know about how you perceive your change in certain cognitive skills from about a year ago until now. The questions are fill-in-the-bank questions, you fill in the missing part of a sentence with one of the choices that best represents your perceptions.

With respect to my abilities to make sound judgments, I perceive there ____.

I have ____ in my hobbies and usual activities.

Compared to previously, I ____ trouble understanding the directions on how to use a tool.

When asked what the current month and year is, I ____.

I have ____ handling financial matters such as filling out income tax forms.

Compared to previously, I ____.

I ____. 

I am ____ as efficient at getting things done as previously.

I notice a____.

Can you remember the symbol of your high school athletic teams?   (an example, a Chicago football team has the name Bears or sometimes other teams have a symbol that  is something like Giants or Patriots)